Things To Do in Tribeca

Things To Do in Tribeca

Tribeca is still relatively unknown to New York City tourists and is not on everyone’s must-see list. Many are unaware of this charming district. When people usually hear of Tribeca, what often comes to mind is the “Tribeca Film Festival.” In this insider guide, we’ll help you recommend certain places that you should visit. There are a lot of things to do in Tribeca and we’re here to guide you in the right direction.

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Getting to Tribeca

The best way to get to Tribeca is by using the subway. There are numerous subway stations in the district so getting to Tribeca is pretty easy. You can take the 1 train to Canal Street, Franklin Street, or Chambers Street. You can also take the A, C, and E lines up to Canal Street. Another option is taking the 6 train to Canal Street.

Top 5 Things To Do in Tribeca

Things To Do in Tribeca

There are a lot of things to do in Tribeca. We realize that some people don’t have a lot of time to see the whole neighborhood. With that being said, we have compiled our top 5 things to do in Tribeca so you know exactly where to go. Later on in the guide, we’ll let you know of other places and attractions that you can check out.

  • Tribeca Grill – Co-Owned by actor Robert De Niro, this restaurant has been open since 1990. Their menu, even though is pricey, is perfectly executed. (Address: 375 Greenwich St)
  • Grand Banks – This is for the seafood lovers, especially shellfish. This oyster bar is located on a historic fishing boat. It’s great during warm weather and serves amazing drinks as well. (Address: Pier 25, Hudson River Park)
  • Tribeca Film Festival (Seasonal) – If you’re in NYC around April or May (depending on the schedule), make sure to come to Tribeca and check out the Tribeca Film Festival. Celebrities from different industries come here to check out submissions from some of the best coming out of the film industry.
  • Nancy Whiskey Pub – Tribeca can be pretty expensive. So, if you’re looking for a low-key night, make sure to check out this pub. they offer cheap drinks, bar food and a great time.
  • MmuseumM – This museum is dedicated to “Object Journalism” and tells the tale of modern society about people through objects. It’s a uniquely curated and very interesting. And yes, it’s located in an alley. (4 Cortlandt Alley, New York, NY 10013)

Other Things To Do in Tribeca

Here are some more things that you can explore in Tribeca if you have more time.

Take a Stroll Around Tribeca

Looking at the old industrial buildings and the cobblestone streets, it is hard to believe that this is one of the most popular neighborhoods for New York families. It’s also one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city as well. In the past, it was mainly a home to the textile industry. It’s very similar to SoHo. Once the industry started to retreat in the 1970s, artists and creatives started to flock to Tribeca. Over the years, Tribeca has become a hotspot among New York’s wealthy and celebrities.

Visit The Ghostbusters’ Fire Station

Things To Do in Tribeca

Movie freaks and fans of the classic Ghostbusters, if you’re ever in Tribeca, you have to visit the fire station that was featured in the movie Ghostbusters. It’s an iconic location and even has the Ghostbusters logo on the sidewalk. “Who you gonna call?” (Address: 14 N Moore St.)

Brandy Library

This is a unique concept. Grab a drink (or drinks) and read a book. Brandy Library provides awesome cocktails and plenty of bar food. It also has an extensive library of books about wine and spirits. It’s a cool spot that’s definitely worth to check out. (Address: 25 N Moore St, New York, NY 10013)

Pier 25

During warm weather days, Tribeca is flocking with locals and activities. One of the things to do in Tribeca is to go check out Pier 25. It’s great for children since there is a new playground and is hooked up with play equipment. There’s also an 18-hole miniature golf course as well. This part of Tribeca can get quite busy over the summer.

Escape Games NYC

Escape rooms are a thing here in NYC. You and a group of people (your friends) are trapped in a dark room and are given clues. Your main objective is to escape the room relying on the clues given to you. We’ve heard of people escaping rooms in a matter of minutes to a long period of time. It’s a great activity for kids and an awesome experience. We highly recommend this. (Address: 79 Leonard St.)

Dream House

It’s a low-key attraction and is one of the things to do in Tribeca. The place is located in an unmarked building and is very discreet. So what exactly is Dream House? It’s an art museum. But in this art museum, people are invited to come in, relax and enjoy the different lights and incense in the building. There’s lasers and can be trippy. Definitely go check it out. (Address: 275 Church St, New York, NY 10013)

Shopping in Tribeca

Things To Do in Tribeca

One of the New York’s popular grocery store is Whole Foods Supermarket (270 Greenwich Street). Whole Foods focuses on fresh, high-quality product. There’s various organic products as well. It can get quite expensive, but that’s just how it is in NYC. In the same building you will find the Bed, Bath & Beyond Store  which is a home improvement store. It’s a popular widespread chain in the US, just like Whole Foods.

58 Waren Street is home to probably the most unusual bookstore in Manhattan. The Mysterious Bookshop mainly sells crime books, thriller and horror stories. Most of the product their is about murders, blood and their investigations. It’s different, special and really worthwhile.

Boutiques and many other smaller shops are typical for Tribeca. H&M, Zara and other retail chains are not really popular here. It’s what makes Tribeca exclusive. Our tip – keep your eyes open during your stroll. You will always find sweet, creative businesses and Tribeca is full of them.

The Art and Museum Scenes in Tribeca

Tribeca Art Factory

One of things to do in Tribeca is to check out the art and museum scenes the neighborhood has to offer. The Tribeca Art Factory is an art gallery and combines art and events. It’s a great way to mingle and network with other professionals and creatives. Tribeca Art Factory is usually holds events on certain Fridays so make sure you check out their website for more information.


This museum was mentioned earlier in our Top 5 Things To Do in Tribeca. MmuseumM is uniquely curated to tell the story of modern society by just using objects. It’s very interesting and we think it’s a creative perspective on how to see the world. Visit their website here for more information.

Children’s Museum of the Arts New York

This is for the kids. This museum introduces children and their families to art. They are able to create art with current working artists. The museum was founded in 1988. For more information please visit their website.

Living in Tribeca

It’s one of the most expensive neighborhoods in all of Manhattan. Therefore, you’ll often find celebrities residing here or own property in this area. Hollywood actor, Robert De Niro even founded one of the most popular restaurants in Manhattan, Tribeca Grill. The area has a lot of history as well. Just take in the the old industrial buildings and the cobblestone streets. It’s a very rustic looking neighborhood and sometimes it is hard to believe that this is one of the most popular neighborhoods for New York families.

Hotels in Tribeca

Things To Do in Tribeca

  • The Roxy Hotel (Address: 2 6th Ave, New York, NY 10013)
  • The Greenwich Hotel (Address: 377 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013)
  • The Frederick Hotel (Address: 95 W Broadway, New York, NY 10007)
  • AKA Smyth Tribeca (Address:85 W Broadway, New York, NY 10007)

Nearby Neighborhoods

Tribeca is in a prime location. It’s right next to Downtown Manhattan such as Wall Street and right next to SoHo. SoHo is very similar to Tribeca and Downtown Manhattan has more tourist spots. Either way, each neighborhood has their own vibe and atmosphere and is definitely worth checking out.


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