The Statue of Liberty Museum

The Statue of Liberty Museum

A new Statue of Liberty Museum will soon be coming to Liberty Island. The construction of the museum is currently in full swing and the grand opening is already scheduled for spring next year. Designed by FXcollaborative architecture firm, the museum will bring about several and significant improvements to the country’s most iconic symbol and popular tourist attraction.

Why Will There Be a New Statue of Liberty Museum?


Did you know that more than 4 million people visit the Statue of Liberty annually, but only 20% of them can actually visit the current museum inside the pedestal? Due increased security measures after 9/11, the number of people let into the pedestal has been sharply limited and Statue of Liberty tickets are sold out quickly. Tickets for the crown require you to reserve months in advance and if you are trying to visit Miss Liberty spontaneously, you may be out of luck depending on your travel dates! The good news here is that the new Statue of Liberty Museum will provide more space to host more visitors. It will also be completely free to visit.


The Statue of Liberty Museum’s goal is not only to reach a much larger audience, but also to enhance the general visitor experience by offering more interactive and engaging multimedia experiences. It will educate about the construction, history and meaning of the Statue of Liberty through three gallery spaces. The Immersive Theater, the Engagement Gallery and the Inspiration Gallery. The Statue of Liberty’s original torch, by the way, will be relocated into the Inspiration Gallery and visible from the outside through a large glass wall.


The new museum attaches great importance to sustainability. It will, for example, have a green roof and huge glass windows to allow more natural light to shine in. Further, it will be built with material native to Liberty Island. It will even feature material reuse of the existing Administration Building. For regular updates on the construction in pictures, check out the Statue of Liberty – Ellis Island Foundation’s earth cam.

Pictures of the Statue of Liberty Museum

Financing of the Statue of Liberty Museum

The construction of the new Statue of Liberty Museum is partly financed by the public. Just last month, the Statue of Liberty – Ellis Island Foundation launched a crowdfunding campaign called For Lady Liberty that had quickly raised over $83,000 from 1,339 backers, exceeding their goal by more than $30,000. In fact, this is not the first time the public is providing funds to support the Statue of Liberty. Back in 1886, American citizens were asked to help fund the statue’s base through attending benefit concerts and purchasing souvenirs, such as photos. As you can see, the public has a history of contributing to the Statue of Liberty, which again demonstrates its incredible importance for so many people.


  • When did the construction of the new Statue of Liberty Museum start?

Construction began in 2016.

  • When is the Statue of Liberty Museum opening?

The opening of the museum is currently set for May 2019.

  • How much is a ticket to the Statue of Liberty Museum ?

Admission will be FREE to all visitors.

Visiting the Statue of Liberty Before 2019

If you plan to visit the Statue of Liberty before the new museum’s completion in 2019, you have the following ticket options:

Name of Ticket

Our recommendation



Liberty Island Grounds

Ellis Island Grounds

Ellis Island Immigration Museum

Pedestal Access

Museum Access

Crown Access

Our tip: Most New York Sightseeing Passes include the ferry to the Statue of Liberty!

Alternatives to Visit the Statue of Liberty

If you are interested in learning even more about the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Immigration Museum, we highly recommend taking the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Guided Tour below. We have tried it last March and concluded it was worth every penny! To be quite frank, there were many interesting Statue of Liberty facts that we hadn’t known before! Our full review is included in the article. If you do not want to access Liberty Island and Ellis Island or simply ran out of time to do so, you can take a boat tour or the free Staten Island Ferry that give you an excellent view of the statue from the water.


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